Ronny Lam


The SDN Revolution Continues

A nice overview of all the recent SDN announcements in the Open Network Foundation blog:

We are in exciting times for software-defined networking, with many of our members developing and releasing new OpenFlow-based products, and/or building on their SDN strategies. The announcements we have seen just within the past few months truly speak to the actuality of the technology – indicating that SDN is real and working, that the products are available and in-demand, and that the revolution of this innovative technology is continuing.

It really is an exciting time. Finally we have something new in the networking industry which had no excitement, no innovation, for a long long time. Although I am still not sure if SDN is going to be here to stay, I think it is a good exercise for the industry to try to make networks more manageable AND more agile at the same time.

I can’t wait to develop and present our own solution in the upcoming year. So, indeed exciting times.