Ronny Lam


The Dutch Railways Can Not Handle Snow.

I am a train traveler and actually love to use this way of public transport. I have been driving a lot by car in the past, but traffic in the Netherlands is getting busier with a lot of congestion as a result. The New Way of Working and the train combine very well. My train-ride is a bit longer than by car most of the time but the advantage is that I can get a lot of work and reading done in the train.

Were it for the past two weeks I would not want to travel by train any longer. NS an ProRail in the Netherlands have a lot of problems to keep the trains running on time this season. Today we had our first Snow in the Netherlands and the NS could not handle it. Lots of delays, trains not riding and packed because of too short full trains are the result.

Tomorrow more Snow is expected and NS already removed some trains from the schedule. Tomorrow we go from 6700 to 4200 trains. In my opinion, combined with low Snow fall, this should not give a problem because of the extra slack. However, I expect different. Driving by train will be a mess tomorrow. countries with more experience in Snow handle that way better. What can we learn from them?