Ronny Lam


No More Free Google Apps

Apparently Google Apps is doing well. So well that Google is no more offering the free version of Apps.

As you might know Google Apps is the Business version of Gmail and those services combined, but instead of doing it with a account you are doing it with your own domain. In that way companies, families and more, can get the great service of Google using their own domain. When Google Apps started in 2008 you could get 100 free account with Google Apps, not much later that went down to 50 and last year it went down to 10.

Today, as we learned, it is down to 0 and the free Google Apps is no longer offered. In my opinion a shame, because a lot of families enjoyed the free Google Apps for personal email. The ones that have it for free, keep it for free. I even know people with a maximum 100 account. But for others that want to sign up for a Google Apps domain from today, would have to pay.

The good thing is: Google Apps is not expensive, only €40 per user per year. For a small family that is still €160 but you get a lot of service for that. I still think it is a shame, but than think of this: for only €40 a year you can remove the ads from your Gmail! Who doesn’t want that?