Ronny Lam


Soft Switching and Openflow in Erlang

I have been investigating the Erlang programming language to solve possible performance challenges. Especially the Real Time characteristics make it a a good solution to work with large amounts of SQL data combined with high speed network data. Good to find out that FlowER already built an Openflow controller in Erlang, and that Infoblox is investing in an Erlang soft switch:

I’m focused on emerging problems for which OpenFlow could have a big impact. Service providers and enterprises will increasingly become impacted by what some are calling the multicore crisis—large-scale distributed applications and big data services will create challenges and cause bottlenecks on legacy networks. Erlang is a tool designed to solve the multi-core crisis—it is both a language and part of an open source platform from Ericsson that was developed for multi-core systems and high performance networking. It was, therefore, a natural choice when picking the right language.

SDN is still a great place to be in.