Ronny Lam


Google Maps for iOS Finally Arrived! Or Not?

With the introduction of iOS6 Apple removed Google Maps from the iOS platform and replaced it with their own Maps. Apple Maps was definitely not ready for production, had a lot of errors, was lacking Street-view, but introduced turn-by-turn navigation. And last but not least it replaced pixel-based images with vector-based graphics. What was really bad though is that Apple Maps didn’t have the huge search database behind it. Searching for vague streets and company names gave no results in the Apple Maps, but most of the time the right results on Google Maps.

Today Google introduced their new Maps application to iOS again. And this time they (re)build it from the ground up, introduced turn-by-turn navigation, vector-based graphics and logging in to a Google account. On the iPhone the app just rocks and will be my preferred Maps application. They even released an SDK for other app developers to integrate Google Maps into their own maps. Let Google proof how it works with their own outdated Latitude application.

On the iPad however, it is another big Google #fail. Google Maps work on the iPad as an iPhone application. Why Google? Is it so difficult to develop for the iPad? Somehow Google finds it difficult to develop for any tablet platform. On the iPad almost every Google app needs improvement. On Android most of the tablet apps are upscaled phone apps. And now, with Google Maps on iOS, it is exactly the same.

Rocking on the iPhone, failing on the iPad, expect an update soon!