Ronny Lam


Corporate Computing: Network Effect of Software Defined Networking

SDN is hitting the non-tech media, which makes me question if it is indeed the big promise or a big hype:

Even some true believers fear SDN is in danger of being overblown. “The technology is riding the fine line between promise and hype,” says Rick Tinsley, the boss of Silver Peak Systems, a networking firm. Sceptics fret that cost savings could easily be eaten up by the expense of new SDN controllers and software. Some recent studies suggest this is unlikely, but more evidence will be needed to assuage this fear. Nor are corporate IT folk convinced yet that SDN will commoditise routers and switches. In a recent survey conducted by InformationWeek, a tech-industry publication, less than a third of the 250 IT professionals questioned said they were sure networking gear would be dumbed down because of SDN’s rise.

All good questions which only time can answer. Since this is still a supply and demand driven market only the market can tell. Supply is growing, real solution are on the market or being build. But if corporate IT doesn’t see the business case SDN won’t take off.