Ronny Lam


Google Prediction for 2013

Informationweek published 11 predictions about Google for 2013, see their website how they did for 2012.

  1. Android First

Not long after Apple initiated the mobile app gold rush by opening iOS to developers in early 2008, creators of smartphone applications began to make iOS development a priority over other platforms. For the past few years, surveys have indicated that mobile developers have been more focused on iOS than Android, because iOS apps have been easier to monetize. However, some of those surveys have been called into question. And in 2013, it will become clear that developers are starting to target Android first.

This is something I still do not believe considering the fragmentation on Android, and the BBC seems to support me in this. It’s just that they want to reach that audience too.

By the end of 2013, it will be a distant memory of when Android was vastly different from iOS. We’re moving very quickly now. We’ve just solved the experience on seven-inch tablets, we’ve upgraded for Jellybean 4.2. It will never be as easy to develop for Android as Apple because of the variety of devices, but we’re not upset about that - it’s where the audience is. Apple may punch above its weight in users accessing video and so on, but much of the Android audience are just the kind of people we want to reach, people who’ve never used their phones before in this way.

So maybe the Informationweek prediction is true, but the only reason is that Android is pushing their platform more aggressive by price and therefore gets a bigger audience which leads to developing for Android first. It won’t be easier though.