Ronny Lam


The New iOS Design Language

As you can read from some of my previous post I didn’t like the new Google Apps on the iPad, like Gmail, Google+ and YouTube. Google uses some extraordinary design rules which are not always in line with Apples UX guidelines. Josh Centers however has a totally opposite meaning:

I love Google’s recent string of apps, and I’d argue that they’re more true to the hardware than Apple’s own apps. I’m hoping Jony Ive can change this.

After using the Apps for some and after the recent changes in the Google+ App I must admit that I am getting used to Googles design decisions. Integration with iOS is however sometimes not what I expect it to be. I am not an Android user, but I expect the design to be much closer to Android than to iOS.

Performance wise the apps are sometimes much slower than other apps. Maybe because they consume more memory, but also depend more on bandwidth.