Ronny Lam

about://tech Down for at Least 2 Days

It sucks to be the owner of Scriptogram today. The site has been down for at least 2 days already. Not that the server is down, but the site is unknown through DNS anymore. The Armenian registrar has not been paid before the expiration date. This could be due to the owner of Scriptogram, but it could as well be the fault of ABCDomain, another Armenian company.

The outage started on new years eve around 21:00 European time, when in Armenia they went into 2013. Of course on new years eve it is very difficult to contact one of these companies, especially for these kind of administrative issues. Apparently it was also impossible on new years day. The below status is still unchanged, when I type this.

I am lucky that I have a custom domain setup on the Scriptogram site, so my blog is still reachable. The administrative dashboard however was not, because that one is only reachable through The simple solution was to put “” in /etc/hosts on my laptop. Windows users have to find that file in another location.

This simple trick helps me to reach the dashboard and synchronize with Dropbox to publish. As a last comment I think that both information and support from Scriptogram is way to meager, if not absent. I still wish them luck in solving this issue.