Ronny Lam


Google Requires People to Use Google+

The Wall Street Journal published a rather positive article about Google+. I almost get the feeling that they are being paid for that. There is still an eye-rolling part at the beginning:

Google is challenging Facebook by using a controversial tactic: requiring people to use the Google+ social network.

The result is that people who create an account to use Gmail, YouTube and other Google services—including the Zagat restaurant-review website—are also being set up with public Google+ pages that can be viewed by anyone online. Google+ is a Facebook rival and one of the company’s most important recent initiatives as it tries to snag more online advertising dollars.

This is so true, Google is really forcing people to enable Google+. With new accounts it is automatically enabled and with older accounts they are forcing people to enable it by denying them certain features.

In my opinion every number that Google is publishing about the user count cannot be true. I think that if you count active users you end up with 5% or less of the user count. Google+ is still a ghost town with only a little core of active users.

I encourage people that do not use their Google+ account to delete it, just to let Google reflect the real numbers.