Ronny Lam


Apple Memory Upgrades From OCW

Today I upgraded my 2010 white MacBook with some memory. Officially Apple supports a maximum of 4GB in this model, which I was using. But I somehow found Other World Computing where they offered 8GB and even 16GB for my machine. I took the risk and ordered the 16GB upgrade. The package arrived 4 days later; thank God track & trace. I immediately installed the upgrade and it worked. I now have 16 Gigs of RAM which my Virtualbox machines, sometimes two at the time, run much smoother. The next upgrade I will order from OWC is an SSD, possibly in the super-drive bay to configure it as a fusion-drive.


Besides an upgrade for my fairly new MacBook I also ordered an upgrade for my old iMac. The problem with this thing is that it won’t see more than 3GB because of the hardware, but I couldn’t risk it to not order an identical pair. The P&P is more expensive than the $10 price difference. The iMac sees the two 2GB modules, but in the activity monitor it only shows 3 Gigs.


Both machines became noticeably faster, especially the iMac which was swapping memory with only 2 Gigs.