Ronny Lam


Nobody Likes the Dutch Cookielaw

On 26th May 2011 the cookie law came into force. Now thousands of website ask you for your permission to place cookies. CookiesOK is a browserplugin which aims to undo the damage by automatically accepting as many as possible.

I really hate this “new” law by the Dutch government. Dealing with cookies used to be fairly simple. By opting out you could deny cookies. You could do that from the settings in your browser or by using an extension to deny or allow specific cookies. But now you have to approve every site to allow the use of cookies on every browser on every machine. The problem? Everybody is allowing them to get rid of the annoying cookie popups. And that’s where this extension comes into place. It does it for you.

I can’t wait for the day when this cookie law gets abandoned again. I think everybody agrees that the current state sucks and that the current implementation is not meeting expectancies.