Ronny Lam


Scriptogram Is Losing My Love

Until new years day I was pretty much in love with Scriptogram, but the service is losing my love. It feels like the service is dying and support by the owners is next to zero.

On the evening of new years eve Scriptogram was unreachable via DNS, because someone forgot to pay the bill. These things can happen, but it took two days to get DNS back and in the meantime information was minimal, there is still nothing on the blog. Support was also zero. I was the one helping out some users to still reach their dashboard. This incident is one example of bad service.

The next one started yesterday. Somehow a couple of my posts have the Markdown filename as their title and an “internal server error” as the posts body. These posts showed fine until yesterday. At the same time synchronization with Dropbox is very very slow. These things might be related, but don’t have to be. Asking for support via Twitter gave, of course, nothing. The stream of @scriptogram is very quiet.

From one of his @mention tweets I learned that a big update is coming and that a blogpost about that is in the make. All together my faith in the service is worsening and that is the reason I am looking for a new solution. One of them might be another markdown/dropbox platform, like Calepin, but I am also looking at self-hosted solutions like Secondcrack from Marco Arment.