Ronny Lam


OpenVPN Configured and Considerations

Today I configured OpenVPN on the Raspberry Pi, which besides printserver and future webserver now also has a function as access server. OpenVPN was very easy to install and configure. On my iOS devices I installed the OpenVPN iOS client which came available yesterday and on my Mac I installed Tunnelblick. Besides this I also made an account on Private Tunnel mainly to use it to spoof coming from another country. But somehow I have a hard time trusting these services as a security precaution.

The reason I want to use OpenVPN is because I work a lot using public unsecured hotspots like T-mobile in the Dutch train. There is a chance that someone might be network sniffing on those hotspots. But if you choose an un trusted VPN provider you might even be in more danger. Because all you traffic, excluding SSL, can be sniffed by this provider. For that reason I configured an access server at home.

But because my upload is only 1MB at home I also bought some traffic at Private Tunnel, just for the occasions where I do need bandwidth that has to be secured. I will trust those guys in time, I think.

One thing I did do different though. I did not use the ugly client from Private Tunnel but since I already configured Tunnelblick it was very easy to install new profiles in that app.