Ronny Lam


OpenVPN in Collaboration With Apple

This is actually very good news, without collaboration from Apple OpenVPN wouldn’t work on iOS. You need to get low-level access which is not possible to normal users.

This is an official Apple-sanctioned OpenVPN client developed by OpenVPN Technologies in collaboration with Apple.

I presume Apple didn’t want to give away full root access, because that is what you need when you want to configure bridged tap devices, now we only have the possibility of tun devices. Which still gives plenty of opportunities.

Especially when the sources get published:

The current plan is to open-source the C++ core within the coming weeks. We won’t be able to open source the full iOS client because portions of it use Apple-proprietary APIs to integrate with the iOS VPN framework. But we will be open-sourcing the core itself, which contains all of the code for building an OpenVPN client on Linux or Mac.