Ronny Lam


Devops: Model First, Automate Later

Lori MacVittie argues that, in the space of software development, automation cannot bed done without modeling. I’m not not entitled to draw this to every other space but within network automation world we agree fully with this argument.

Being able to recognize the minutia in a deployment that can often be forgotten is the first step to eliminating missing steps in the deployment process that can cause it to fail. Modeling the “objects” in a deployment - as well as their relationships - will help ensure that as the process is automated those relationships and dependent tasks are not overlooked.

This process is exactly what takes the most of our time working with a new client at NetYCE. For most engineers and sometimes architects it is a real paradigm shift to look at a network from a modeling perspective. Once properly done, it can be extended and changed in no-time.

I am almost sure that this applies also to software: once you model and automate your stuff you can build more complex thing that can be managed easier.