Ronny Lam


SSD/Hard Disk Hybrids Bridge Storage Divide

Since both HDDs and SDDs are getting smaller in size I was wondering how long it would take before the two get combined. Apple’s Fusion Drive was already combining speed and volume in one big virtual drive. Now the products are coming that combine the two in hardware…

MicroTiering gets its name from the fact that it gloms storage volumes into a cohesive union of SSD and HDD that to the outside world look like a single device. But unlike server-side caching products made famous by Fusion-io that simply front-end HDDs with a veneer of flash, Mills emphasizes that in MicroTiers the SSD acts as primary storage. The MicroTiering software automatically migrates ‘hot’, active data to the SSD tier and ‘cold’, inactive data to the HDD. The scheme sounds a lot like Apple’s Fusion Drive, but when offered this comparison Mills hastens to point out that MicroTiers work at the block layer, while Fusion operates on files.