Ronny Lam


Dutch Hate Cookie Pop-Ups

About a year ago the Dutch government accepted the Dutch Cookie-law. Websites that place cookies, especially tracking-cookies, have to ask for permission to do so. Of course that permission will also be placed in a cookie, and I presume a denial also. Somehow there are sites that ask this permission on every visit.

Now, there was a news-item on the NOS news today about the Dutch getting sick of these permission pop-ups. Someone from the Dutch Privacy Institute even thinks that this makes the privacy problem worse. People don’t want to read the permission pop-ups anymore and accept everything.

Before the Cookie-law there was a form of opt-out. People that didn’t want cookies just denied them in the settings of the browser, or they use a cookie-monster to do it selectively. The people that still really don’t want cookies use this setting anyway, but get extra sick of the pop-ups.

Why can’t the Dutch governement accept that this Cookie-law is a mistake and stop it again? Can’t wait for the day when that happens.