Ronny Lam


Playing With Cloud9 IDE

Tonight I have been playing with Cloud9 to build this blog. Cloud9 is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) in the cloud. Octopress is Ruby based and Cloud9 has a Ruby environment in their offering.

Starting to work on my blog was very easy by cloning the git of my blog in Cloud9. I then issued:

gem install bundler
bundle install
gem install heroku
git remote add heroku <my-heroku-app>

The integrated Heroku deployment feature did not work but git push heroku master worked fine and got my blog updated without problems.

Is Cloud9 then the ultimate solution? No, normally I build this blog on my Raspbery Pi, which takes about ten minutes. On Cloud9 it didn’t build any quicker. Worse even, multiple times it seemed that my terminal was hanging. Ctrl-C didn’t work on my Chromebook, so I killed several terminals to get my work done. Funny detail is that rake preview worked fine, the third time, and presented that preview on To do so I had to modify the Rakefile a little bit using the information from this blog.

If everything went well, this post is entirely written and published through Cloud9. But to be fair, it is not any better than my Raspberry Pi, for this purpose.

As it turned out, all didnĀ“t go well. rake generate seemed to be hanging again. Opening another terminal showed me the process, but it also showed me load average: 111.97, 117.63, 127.60. This high load must be the total system and not just my VM, but I have never seen something this high. It could explain why performance is so bad. After all, I built this blog on my Pi again.

It feels to me that Cloud9 still has some work to do.