Ronny Lam


Playing More With Cloud9

I really like the concept of Cloud9, but after yesterdays experience my conclusion is that these guys still have some work to do. Public workspaces, basically a repository, are for free and free accounts also get 1 private workspace. A bit like the github model. For a staggering $12 per month you get 6 private workspaces. But considered the stability and performance issues I experienced yesterday this is not worth it, yet.

Today I got back to check back on the service. Especially since @C9Support was reporting issues via Twitter. Low and behold, they were telling this on Twitter, not on My build rake generate went fine this morning, still not much faster than the build on my Raspberry Pi, but fine enough. rake preview also started a lot quicker than yesterday. Load was way better than yesterday, it showed load average: 8.85, 13.83, 17.45, still concerning. I could still not issue a ctrl-C to the terminal, so the preview had to be ended by killing the terminal. Somehow this has to do with my browser (Chromebook).

Concluding, the experience this morning was better than yesterdays and I would be positive if I didn’t have the bad experience from yesterday. Now I will check back in a couple of weeks. One thing that makes me positive though is that I finally found the right tools for my blog. My Markdown files with Octopress can be cloned everywhere and can be published to almost any service, for free.