Ronny Lam


Netflix Open Source

I have been following Netflix for a while and knew that they were releasing more and more of their software to the Open Source community. But what I didn’t realize is that Open Source is now part of their strategy. When I read the following part it all made sense though.

In 2009-2010 Netflix was figuring out the architecture from first principles, trying to follow AWS guidelines and building a platform based on scalabiity experience some of our engineers had gained at places like Yahoo, eBay, and Google. In 2011 and 2012 we started talking about how we had built a large scale cloud-native application, and other companies began to follow our patterns. What was bleeding edge innovation in 2009 became accepted best practices by 2012, and is becoming a commodity in 2013-2014. Many competing cloud platforms have appeared, and by making it easy for people to adopt NetflixOSS we hope to become part of a larger ecosystem rather than having the industry pass us by.