Ronny Lam


F5 Acquires Linerate Systems, Another SDN Move?

It looks like Software Defined Networking is on the move again…

Through this acquisition, F5 gains access to LineRate’s layer 7+ networking services technology, intellectual property, and engineering talent, further building on F5’s commitment to bring superior service agility, application intelligence, and programmability to software defined data centers.

Since the definition of SDN is still not written in stone evereybody wants to be in it before it does. The definition is broadening again. What happend to the Cloud is happening to SDN too. This is from the Linerate Systems blog…

Simply put, customers need a set of technologies that operate at the Application Services Layers (7+), or SDN Services as we call them, in addition to SDN Fabric (Layers 2-4) technologies. These SDN Services serve as the mechanism by which netops and devops can push application layer logic directly into the network and accomplish tasks not possible at the Fabric Layer.

These functions used to be done by Loadbalancers, Proxyservers, Firewalls and the like. Of course systems like these are intervening network traffic with decisions from the application layer. Network decisions that are Defined by Software.

Since these are typical services that are in the productportfolio of F5 I think that Linerate Systems will find a good home at F5 and that they will extend the F5 portfolio.

Welcome to the hype.