Ronny Lam


The Easiest, Most Durable Blog Platform Ever Created?

Yesterday the world got the message that Posterous will quit end turn of their servers at April 30. Posterous started in 2008 as an alternative to Tumbler and more complicated blogging platforms like Blogspot and Wordpress. The service was very easy, by sending an email to you started a blog or put a new post on your blog. Attached photos were automagically placed in your post. This way, even my grandma could have a blog.

Two of the original founders, Garry Tan and Brett Gibson, regretted selling the company and started a new service called Posthaven. The most important reason for starting this new service is that they hate to see content go away. These founders that sold a company before and help shutting down a service promise that your content will not go away? Why should we believe them this time?

They are going to build Posthaven on the codebase of Posterous, with a few optimizations of course. This time the service is not going to be free, but is going to cost 5 dollars per month. For that price there will be no advertising and they won’t have to sell the service. Just for reference, Posterous was also ad-free. We’ll see if this price is low enough to attract more users, like my grand-mother. My feeling is that for this price we may expect a bit more than Posterous was offering. But then again, it may not be for my grandma anymore.

I am very sceptic, especially with the promise that your content will always be online? Don’t we have for that? If people really want to be sure that they don’t lose their content they should go to a simple solution where you create your blogs in a portable format, like Markdown, and use those to fill a service like or And there are numerous alternatives, like Octopress that I am using. This is the only way that you don’t lose your content and port it very easy to another platform.