Ronny Lam


Two Approaches to IP Address Management Solutions

The article at Search networking is “sponsored” by guest-blogger Patrick Hubbard from SolarWinds. The message is still very clear, and true. No network can be managed well without a proper IPAM solutions.

The universal goal of IPAM solutions is to ease network configuration and improve reliability of delivery – and these both result in reduced application outages and fewer desktop support tickets.

If we take this one step further, from desktop management to automation of the whole network you cannot do without a proper IP address management solution. You cannot automate network roll-out if you need to manually find and configure IP addresses. Not only do you need the right software to manage IP, but you also need to design the IP-addressing.

A fool with a tool is still a fool, so in order to utilize all the benefits from such a solution you need to properly design your network. I have seen too many ad-hoc networks that were not designed with automation rules, scalability, redundancy or anything like that in mind.

So before a solution, there is proper planning and design. Not the other way around.