Ronny Lam


Daylight – Internet Explorer or Linux of the SDN World?

2 weeks ago I wrote about the news that a consortium of Cisco, IBM, HP, Citrix, and NEC is going to develop an Open Source Openflow controller. Ivan Pepelnjak, who has a great blog, takes us back in time and asks himself the question:

What will Daylight be? Another Internet Explorer (killing the OpenFlow controller market, Big Switch in particular) or another Linux (a good product ensuring OpenFlow believers continue spending money on hardware, not software)?

I doubt if these are the only choices, and even if they are correct in their premis. After all, IE was being pushed by one big company, at that time a company with vision. Linux on the other hand is indeed supported by a couple of big companies, but neither of them will lose market to Linux.

Openflow however will comodotize hardware and therefore companies like Cisco will lose market to Openflow when the market starts to adopt it. Therefore I would call it a sort of MySQL, big companies take ownership and will never entirely Open Source it.