Ronny Lam


Steam on Linux II

Like I hinted in my previous post, it is now possible to run Steam on Linux, but the amount of games for Linux is so low that it is probably better to run Steam under Windows. However…

I am not going to run an Operating System in my house that is a virus on its self. And if I want to keep it clean I have to maintain it, but I refuse to do Windows maintenance. Which of course brought up an argument with my son who wants to play a couple of games that are available for Windows only.

I started to install Wine, the Windows Emulation layer on Linux, but then I would have to fiddle around with the installation of Windows drivers, codecs, fonts and more. WineHQ is nowadays hosted by Codeweaver and these guys are doing an excellent job writing wrappers around Windows programs in order to let them run on Linux, using Wine of course. 34 euros is well spend money if I wouldn’t have to fiddle around with installation options so I downloaded a 14 day trial-version.

The installation of Crossover was very easy. I downloaded the 64-bit Debian/Ubuntu package, which has the ia32-libs included, and installed it without problems. Next thing was to download the Steam MSI and start the install through Crossover. This went also without any problems. I setup my Steam account, downloaded the Windows game and started playing it fine. Graphics is good, but not the best. This might be because of DirectX, which is not natively supported. This specific game can be started with an OpenGL option, which makes the gameplay a bit smoother.

Anyway, kuddos for Codeweaver. They do an excellent job in keeping me from troubleshooting Windows.