Ronny Lam


Software Defined Networking?

Today was the first day a client was talking about Software Defined Networking, and even had an SDN vision. Which is good, but the definition of SDN is not clear, not to me, but worse, not to my client.

The vision was to provision and orchestrate entire services throughout the whole network, with a single click. Not only that, but also in combination with cloudservices, virtual machines and VDI’s.

The client doesn’t care about the underlying protocol. The most important thing is a single management console to manage and orchestrate services, on the network. Which of course makes the TCO to operate a large complex network very low. And because orchestration is automated, services can be provisioned first time right and error free.

I really liked this link with SDN, because our Software is indeed Defining the Network, but not within the definition of SDN. The problem with SDN is that it is a solution to a problem that does not yet exist. Worse, SDN is not even a solution, it is a protocol or a set of. The real solution here is orchestration or enabling applications in the network that were not possible before.