Ronny Lam


Juniper Executes on SDN Vision by Centralizing Network Management

Readers of this blog know that I think it is pain that everybody is stretching the definition of SDN. Well, here is another one from Juniper: centralizing network management. In fact, it is not very different from Cisco’s OnePK, so you might say that Juniper is just doing the same as the competition.

The first step in this SDN process is to centralize network management, analytics and configuration functionality to provide a single master that configures all networking devices.

My concern is that this is just another element-manager, this time it has a north-bound API and it can do more than a single node, but it is still a proprietary element-manager. Since the beginning of SDN and especially Openflow I was afraid that the big vendors wouldn’t implement it because they are afraid to get commoditized. To me, products like this prove that I am right. Every vendor is going to deliver it’s own SDN, just to lock you in.

Only a couple of vendors are on the Openflow train, and didn’t we see how open that is? Vendors like Cisco, for example, are only on the train with a handfull of switches, the rest of the product-lines are closed. My feeling is that Juniper is going the same road.