Ronny Lam


SDN Has Stirred Up the Sleeping Giant – Not Put It to Bed

It looks like one of the analysts of Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) is sharing my opinion on SDN and the role of the big vendors…

The physical networking gear is not going away, but rather it is evolving. Yes, SDN and OpenFlow might have forced the change sooner rather than later … The network touches everything and if networking vendors are going to retool their internal designs, then you can be very certain they will do so to ensure greater functionality, and that includes stepping into and over adjacent markets to remain relevant, protect their position in the market and at the same time being responsive to customers changing needs.

It is true that they can’t do anything else then protect their market. The good thing though is that the big vendors are being forced to change their strategies. Yes, it is still a lock-in strategy, but customers will gain from this shift, no doubt.

Another thing, which I had not clear until this blog, is that the opponents are the big iron companies that drive the datacenter are focusing on Openflow. Until today they had a small role in networking gear, but by combining their effort they are targeting the marketshare of the big network vendors. Who have to protect their share and there change strategy.

No small feat, but these are not small companies to be trifled with.

In the end, the customer will gain, either in functionality or in price.