Ronny Lam


A Journal After My Death

Besides this blog I also keep a journal for myself. Keeping a journal helps me with all kinds of things. To think over the day, to plan ahead, to keep my todo items and a lot more. There are no restrictions, spelling is not very important, and it really helps to clean my thoughts.

I started my digital online journal some years ago with This is a very nice solution that helped me to write 750 words per day. Buttons are given for wordcount and streak. At some time, after a year and 300k words I moved to Penzu. The first thing I have to admin is that I mis the incentives at Penzu, but besides that it is a far better solution.

One thing Penzu is adding now is the possibility to give beneficiaries access to my account after my passing away. How do they know I passed away? First they know when I am writing in my journal of course. When they start to miss me they mail me to check in. And if I don’t answer that they mail a couple of verifiers that have to verify I passed away. When these people verify that I am indeed dead, my wife and children get access to my personal belongings.


A very simple but elegant solution, way to go Penzu!