Ronny Lam


Three Continents in One Afternoon: Why I Work From Home

Recently there has been a lot of discussion about the decision from Marissa Mayer at Yahoo to forbid working from home. I didn’t want to react to this until I read a post at the the Cisco blog today in which I recognized myself a lot.

The days that I work from home I work longer because I miss the commute. I work more intensive and I meet more people. Of course there are day when I have to meet a (potential) client, but even those things we do a lot through the web.

50% of my time is filled with Skype and GotoMeeting. Together with collaborative tools like Dropbox and Google Docs there is no place like home. And because I am acquainted with the setup, the tools and the workflow it is most of the time better than real-life meetings. And the headline? Yes, there are days that I work on three continents in one day, with a 30 second commute.

In my opinion, Yahoo is making the wrong decision by ending the work from home policy. Yahoo employees are going to hate the 101.