Ronny Lam


When to Use an External Url in a Link(b)log

Since half a year or so I am a big fan of linkposts. These are posts linked to a post from someone else with a little quote from the original post and a reaction. In my opinion this is te most purest form of reacting to blogs, even better than via comments. I think, but I am not sure, that linkposts started on Tumblr. The simple difference is that the title of a linkpost links directly to the original post.

Normally you use the external-url as the link in the title, even in the rss-feed. However, this week I got a strange reaction using this method. I use Feedburner to burn my rss-feed. Feedburners also sends tweets out with my new posts. And in the original Octopress links to posts are to the external-url. So the tweets about my posts linked to the original external-post. So I got a retweet with a reaction, but this guy never saw my post.

For that reason I concluded that my rss-feed and therefore tweets about my posts use the internal-url to my post, and not to the original post. I don’t know if this is good practice, but in my opinion if someone wants to react with a tweet this person needs to have read and react to my post. And when this person wants to react to the orignal post he has to use the original link.

This is how I simply solved it. But the main question remains: what is common practice here?