Ronny Lam


It's DST-time Again

The following is a recurring theme which will not go away, at least not in my lifetime or until the earth will have to make place for an intergalactic highway.

Twice a year we hear the same discussion about Daylight Saving Time. This year I got triggered by the following great post via Marco Arment. The way Dr. Drang explains DST, makes total sense. And I must agree, if we wouldn’t shift the time by an hour we would have very early sun-time when it doesn’t make sense and we wouldn’t have those nice long summer evenings. And besides that, the shift in time for me is the start of yet another new season. Don’t forget to read the comments, to get a good feeling about what the discussion is about.

I would also like to point you to an older, but still great, article by the BBC with a lot of interactive background information about time, timezones and DST.

BBC Timezones