Ronny Lam


Forget Google, Get a Yubikey

Yesterday I wrote about that Google is developing a ring or USB-device to store all your passwords. Experimenting might be a better term. Somehow the idea of a ring having all my passwords inspires may, hence the connection with the Java-ring.

#yubikey ?

However, there has been a solution like this for several years now, and I have been playing with it too, in the past. So what was I thinking? How could I forget? Ex-colleagues from Snow pointed me at the Yubikey. A USB-key with multiple authentication schemes on it. It does not store all your passwords, but integrates very well with selected (online) passwordmanagers. Unfortunately it does not integrate with 1password and Mac OS X integration is also behind.

But besides that, Yubikey is a way in the right direction. Especially since the newest kid on the block is able to use NFC for contactles authentication. This Yubikey Neo is currently sold out, but I think it is time for me to play with this one when it gets available.

Yubikey heeft tegenwoordig rfid en geloof zelfs nfc bij de neo #yubikey

Got two, but no timesync, so logging on Chromebooks or Google is a pain. Pity, nice devices.

Thanks guys!