Ronny Lam


Google+ Killed Google Reader

Buzzfeed has a post which shows that Google Reader drives far more traffic to the site than Google+. Of course, as you can see in the comments, Google+ lovers don’t trust these stats. They even claim that it is Buzzfeeds own fault that they don’t get Google+ traffic, because they are not active on Google+.

In another post at digital trends they source a Quora post by former Google Reader Product Manager Brian Shih.

If you ask former Google Reader product manager Brian Shih, declining userbase might not be the only reason why Google is axing the service – Google+ might also be to blame.

In my opinion it has been clear for a very long time that Google does everything to push Google+ down our throats. And now it seems that Google is even willing to kill other services for it. But why Google Reader? Why not Orkut or some other inferior product?

It’s becoming very clear to me that you cannot rely on Google, at least not for free products. If a product does not generate any money, by advertising, Google shuts it down. I will say it again: if the product is free, you are the product. So it is better to pay a fair price for a fair product.