Ronny Lam


The Old (Google) Reader

The Old Reader, sounds like Old Spice, a bit nostalgic. Like someone that can’t let go of the past. Well, as it turns out, The Old Reader is exactly what it sounds like, the Old Google Reader. And I like it, very much.

I am an old school guy, and sometimes it is just hard to change and let go of things. Google Reader is such a thing. I have been working with that client for the last five years. Before that I didn’t use RSS very much. In that time it was NNTP, with tin for me, to keep up with the news. I got so used to Reader that the news of shutting it down hit me in the face, hard.

The first thing I did was look around for alternatives. The Old Reader was in that list and signed up and wanted to import my OPML file with feeds immediately. I was number 20.000 or so in the list to get imported. It took 6 days to het through that list. In the meantime I tried Feedly, which was not exactly Google Reader. The present you with a magazine like site, both on the web and on the iPad, to make things attractive. And although I never used Flipboard, this felt exactly like it.

How happy I was when today finally the message came that got in front of the list and my OPML file got imported to The Old Reader. This feels like coming home. And even better, the site performs well, both in a desktop webbrowser aswel as the iPad. Because the Google Reader site didn’t work well on the iPad I bought and got used to the Reeder App. Reeder will have a problem after the first of july, so won’t it be cool if they would be using The Old Reader as their backend? Sounds like a deal to me. Some things never change.