Ronny Lam


2013 State of DevOps, Where Are the NetDevOps?

Puppet Labs, the creators of the evenly named systems automation software, did another survey on the state of DevOps.

DevOps is a collaboration between Development and Operations teams to achieve a common business goal.

Which states implicitly that DevOps is not a goal on itself. So, reaching for the right goals, I think DevOps is a very good strategy to achieve agility, stability and automation on IT-systems. But DevOps is not very widespread. Within most organizations that I visit the separate teams are still working in their silos.

One thing that I am really missing in the whole DevOps movement, including this report is Network DevOps. Puppet, Chef and CFEngine are all tools that focus on systems, not yet on the network.

I think it is time to realize the same thing for networking. Break down the silos and start working together on standardizing and automating the network. With NetYCE we have built the platform to do just that. But as you can see in the infographic, we ave still some barriers to solve.