Ronny Lam


Puppet Running on JunOS, the Beginning of NetDevOps?

Yesterday I asked where the NetDevOps are, because in my opinion this community is still absent. The tools aren’t, and to prove that Maurice corrected me:

maybe you are missing the boat ;)

Maurice is referring to one of the excellent presentations at Network FieldDay 5 by Jeremy Schulman of Juniper.

Jeremy showed that you can actually run a puppet-agent on a Juniper-switch, and that you can configure the switch through manifests from the puppet-master. The cool thing of course here is that it was fairly easy to put Puppet, including Ruby, on Juniper because there is FreeBSD underneath. More information can be found on te PacketPushers Blog or by watching the presentation and demo:

After this presentation the question still remains: where are the NetDevOps? Because this audience of network-superstars proves that only a handfull of network-engineers is thinking about DevOps and that the practice is even less. This funny quote by @etherealmind in the video says it all:

DevOps is taking the fun out of networking

He also proves he knows better ;)
Thanks Maurice!