Ronny Lam


SDN Survey by Tail-F: What Is SDN?

Tail-F did a survey among, I presume, their customers about SDN. It seems there is still a lot of confusion about the definition of SDN:

Some of the confusion over what SDN really is comes from the fact that it’s mainly the vendors that are currently defining it. The concept of SDN in itself does not have an organizational home (even if the ONF may want to claim it) or any small set of influential voices. It is, rather, the sum of all companies that feel they have a stake in it. And that list of companies has been growing rapidly over the last few months.

One of the problems is that SDN is a big hype and that every self-respecting company is SDN-washing their products to get a bite of the hype. So if the definition is already unclear beforehand, the SDN-washing is not helping to clean that up. But then the confusion gets even bigger:


Implicitly Carl Moberg is saying here that there is indeed a definition which only 51% percent of his respondents is choosing.

I hope Carl is willing to share his definition with the world.

Something like “separated control and forwarding plane”, other options were *very* not right.