Ronny Lam


A Look at MultiPLX, Another RSS-Reader


This weekend I found out, through Klout, that I got an invite to have a look at MultiPLX, yet another alternative to Google Reader. In their own words:

RSS Reader Reimagined.
Everything you want to read - news, your favorite blogs, art and more - in one convenient place designed for you.

The good thing is you can try for yourself, because the interface when not logged in is not different from the interface when you are logged in. Except that when you are logged in you can personalize your content.


As you can see the content is based on cards. Currently there is no other option. You can click on a card to open it, almost full-screen, from where you can close it, goto the previous or next. At the bottom there are some basic share-buttons and that’s basically it. The service is lacking options to mark read/unread and mark all read.

OPML import worked great and I also saw some export utilities. While it took a while to import my OPML all my blogs are there and updating fine. This means the backend is working fine, and not depending on Google Reader.

Although cards is fine for only a couple of blogs, when you are following 330 blogs like I do it does not fit the workflow anymore, because part of my workflow is skimming the messages. For that I need to have an inbox-style subject-only list, just like Google Reader.

I think the guys at MultiPLX still have some work to do to become a real Google Reader alternative. Not yet ready for me.