Ronny Lam


LinkedIn API Connectivity in Insightly

Insightly is the CRM we use with much pleasure. It performs well is, mobile, available on all our platforms and is under active development with an acceptable price tag. They are not a social CRM, like some others that have intensive social integrations, but they have some social features that are really useful.

One of them is the possibility to add a twitter handle to a contact so that you can see someone’s last tweets when you call the person. Another one is the ability to link a LinkedIn profile to see someone’s latest position or history.

But now LinkedIn took a blunt decision to block Insightly from access.

Last week without prior warning LinkedIn informed us that they have blocked Insightly from accessing their API to view LinkedIn contact profile data within our web application, obstinately because they do not allow their API to be used for applications “that are used for hiring, marketing or sales”.

I can imagine that a CRM matches the sales or marketing definition. But still, both as a (paying) LinkedIn user and Insightly fan I hate to see this very useful feature go away. Are they blocking it for other CRM’s also?

This is what you get when you rely on the data of a company that is getting successful. We have seen it with Google, Facebook, Twitter and now LinkedIn. These are unreliable companies on which you don’t want to build your business.