Ronny Lam


Could the myIDkey Be Something?

Some time ago I wrote about the YubiKey as an alternative to some sort of Google password ring or the Java ring. YubiKey is a great device when it comes to One Time Password authentication, but it is not a device to store all your passwords. For that you still need something like 1Password or KeePass a service that uses the YubiKey for authentication.

This week I stumbled upon the myIDkey. A USB-key that can store all of your passwords, like the previous mentioned sites, and work stand-alone. It has fingerprint authentication and is voice-controlled to get access to your passwords.

I really like the concept, although I don’t see why this is better than 1Password for example that is sitting on your iDevices and syncs across the web. The myIDkey uses bluetooth to sync with those device, but it is also an extra device. And the question is, do I need/want an extra device if I am already carrying my iDevices?

Another question is: How safe is the software? Can we trust it? How sure can we be that after using it for some time we get a security advisory like this one:

The information that can be retrieved includes the master password, e-mail address, the secret question and answer as well as the content of entries in the KeeperĀ® Password & Data Vault application, such as URLs, usernames and passwords.

For me trust in an application or appliance is of real importance, and if I can get assurance that this thing is safe enough: I want one!