Ronny Lam


Our Country Is Under Attack

Our country is under attack, a cyber-attack, targeted at our banks, primarily ING. Several DDOS-attacks are breaking mainly the electronic banking systems. Banks are collaborating with the Team High Tech Crime of the Dutch Police to solve the issues and track the sources.

Al of this sounds like an episode of Tom Glancy’s Op-Center. But it is real, and our country has only been under attack for four days. There are US-banks that are fighting this issue for almost 300 days now.

Dutch mainstream media is not a very good source of information. Don’t get me wrong, this is a big issue, but mainstream media is blowing things up as if this can happen more often and to every service online. They even interviewed an IT-professor, several times now, who helped them to blow things really up. Every piece of software has bugs, he says. The cyber-attack was targeting one of these bugs. But they can target every piece of (online) software that has bugs. This includes railway, government, hospitals and things like that.

Instead of calming the public down, mainstream media is putting gasoline on the fire. I can see another Op-Center episode coming.