Ronny Lam


Where Is the ONF in OpenDaylight?

This week OpenDaylight saw the light. A collaboration of the big network-vendors, and some more, under the flag of The Linux Foundation, to create an Open Source SDN Controller. There is some debate whether this is good or bad news, but I have actually seen some sources, so there is the beginning of a codebase. Didn’t have time though to build them yet. That will have to wait till after the weekend. First some boat maintenance because of the late spring.

Now for the bad news, at least I think it is (the beginning of) bad news. While Opendaylight launched their foundation and site this week, the Open Network Foundation remains quiet. There is nothing on their site about OpenDaylight, not even in News. On the other hand, the ONF is also not mentioned at the OpendayLight site. I suspect, and am afraid, that these foundations are opponents, which I understand a bit, especially since the ONF can be called the Closed Network Foundation.

I wonder though what the standpoint will be of the companies that are in both foundations, like BigSwitch. What does this all mean for the landscape and the future of SDN? There is already a whole skew of [SDN API’s], in development. Will there be standardization or will every vendor have it’s own, proprietary, API? So nothing changes on that side; I sure hope not.