Ronny Lam


OpenDaylight OpenFlow Tutorial

It’s springtime! Having a boat that needs maintenance does not make feel time is on my hand now. But, the weather is great and I have seen a lot of open daylight, which is great. However I did not have a lot of time to dive into OpenDayLight, the new Open Source SDN controller. Brent Salisbury on the other hand, had a bit more time to dive into OpenDayLight.

First, he wrote a tutorial, together with a screencast, about how to get OpenDayLight and how to install it in a Ubuntu environment and configure some Openflow Mininet switches with it.
He wrote a second tutorial about how to import the OpenDayLight sources into Eclipse. Important hint here is to first intall OpenDayLight with Maven.

I am Brent very thankful for putting these posts on the web, it saves me a lot of time. Tuesday will be the first time I will be playing with OpenDayLight. This is the very first pre pre pre alpha release, first real releases are not expected until Q3 of this year. From what I have seen so far it’s already a working product, from here it only gets better.