Ronny Lam


The ONF Is Refining It's Role?

With the Open Networking Summit just started Software Defined Networking is starting to change the market. I won’t call it a disruptive technology yet but the potential is huge and still growing. No doubt the freshly launched OpenDayLight will be a big player, being Open Source and supported by all the large vendors.

Dan Pitt is as Executive Director of the Open Networking Foundation also Advisor for the Summit. I would expect some news by now about the relationship between the ONF and OpenDayLight. But still nothing in either side/site.

However, LightReading has spoken to Dan Pitt and is now speculating on a changing role of the ONF.

Now, the ONF also plans to offer an OpenFlow driver, the software that handles the basics of the protocol, saving a bit of grunt work for anyone who’s building an OpenFlow controller.

There are also some speculations on Twitter:

And with that and daylight, sdn will die in bureaucracy. Too premature, with all the unfulfilled promises.

My thought is that this is about the ONF. When you take a look around the Open Networking Summit this week you cannot believe that SDN will die, neither will Openflow. These new technologies will live and will be disruptive. ONF is a different game though, let’s await some more news, without further speculation.