Ronny Lam


The ONF Communicates Our Vision, Their Roadmap

First of all, while this is the first post by the ONF since the introduction of OpenDayLight, still no word on the relationship between te two. Not even congratulations, instead…

ONF has been at the forefront of the SDN movement for the past two years, and in that time, we have watched organizations begin to understand the value of software programmability in the network.

Their activities for the upcoming year are based on 4 pillars:

  • Building out the OpenFlow substrate
  • Fostering implementation and deployment
  • Encouraging innovation
  • Support services above the OpenFlow protocol.

And as such we may expect: a version 1.4, certification, workgroups for OAM, Supply chain, migration documents and optical.

As the steward of the OpenFlow protocol standard, ONF is working to shepherd the SDN movement.

To me the ONF did not communicate a vision here, instead it is indeed more of a roadmap for 2013, which fits the subject of the post. And as such it is a confirmation for me that bureaucracy is ruling and that we can expect the real vision from others, let’s call them “the community”.

On a positive note, I am expecting a lot from SDN and Openflow in 2013. Together with Network (Functions) Virtualization we can expect a lot of traction in this space. The revolution in networking is just beginning.