Ronny Lam


An Interview With Our New King

Tonight I saw an interview with our new King, who will take the Crown at April 30th. Although I am against the monarchy and started to watch this interview with a pessimistic feeling, I thought it was a nice interview and really began to like Willem–Alexander as a person. As we all know, a successful man is supported by a strong woman, and this is also the case here. Maxima is the right person to stand behind our new King.

Again, I don’t like the monarchy and that did not help, until today, to get a good feeling about Willem-Alexander. But tonight he gave the feeling that he is ready for the job and that he is going to be a modern King. We might even see some tweets from him.

My feeling about the monarchy has not changed, but since we have to do with it Willem-Alexander grew into the right person to fulfill that job.

The interview, in Dutch of course, can be watched two weeks from today via uitzending gemist.