Ronny Lam


Openflow Now Runs in All Datacenternetworks

Vincent Cerf had the privilege of presenting the keynote at the Open Networking Summit 2013. A year ago Google presented their OpenFlow implementation in the backbone. In fact, they are even building their own switches, hardware and software. But this year they have even taken it a step further…

Cerf said Tuesday that Google’s OpenFlow use has expanded into all of its data center networks, adding that the company was able to re-engineer these networks during a series of six- to nine-month implementations without disrupting any of its services.

This is the use of OpenFlow to the max. There is no better reference network than this. Something that is impossible for any other company than Google. But now that OpenFlow switches are available from the shelf, every company big or small can start to use OpenFlow.

Possibilities enough. It’s now a matter of time.