Ronny Lam


Marissa Mayer Breaks Her Silence on Yahoo's Telecommuting Policy

Some months ago Marisa Mayer, from Yahoo, forbid her personnel to work from home. Until today this went without explanation to the public.

Now she is setting some things straight. First of all the

policy affects roughly 200 of Yahoo’s 12,000 employees.

Employees that are needed in a time where productivity is not the most important, but instead collaboration and innovation is needed. Goals that can only be reached when people are in the same office or room.

I think it is about time she spoke out and when she does speak out she explains it a very well. It all comes down to

My goal is not to change the culture, but to amplify its greatness.

As we all know, Yahoo is in some sort of recession, so something must be done to save the company. In the end this might indeed be the fit decision. Explaining to the public certainly helps.